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Tempered glass
After re-treatment plate glass, the glass is formed on the surface compressive stress layer, so that the glass with high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance, this method is called Enhanced glass tempered glass.
Production Process
Prepare the original piece of glass slicing → → → semi-finished test drilling, playing slot milling → → washing → drying → test → semi-electric heating grid wind → quenching → test → finished packing storage
Has good optical performance, but also has high mechanical strength and thermal shock strength above the surface compressive stress 69Mpa, the impact strength of ordinary annealed glass are 3-5 times the flexural strength of ordinary annealed glass are 2-3 times , high-intensity means high security; simultaneously broken glass when subject to internal tensile stress because of the role of the instantaneous stress release, completely broken glass into small particles, these particles of lightweight, non-sharp acute angle, a very the earth to reduce the glass debris on the human body have the possibility of injury. Tempered glass under the temperature range is 250-320 ℃.
Application of building doors, windows, curtain walls, shop windows, escalators stopped boards, building shielding, the stadium after the file rack shelf, desktop glass and counters, car windows, furniture, office space and so on.
Product specifications
Flat tempered glass 4mm-19mm Max: 3000mm * 6000mm 3000mmm * 2500mm (4mm)
                                           Min: 150mm * 350mm
Bending tempered glass 4mm-19mm Max: 3000mm * 2500mm
                                           Min: 400mm * 600mm
Minimum radius of 5mm-6mm 1000mm
                  8mm-12mm 1500mm
                  15mm-19mm 2000mm

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