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Laminated Glass
Laminated glass are between two flat glass film by heating, pressure and viscosity of the glass composite products formed. Its the original film can be an ordinary plate glass, tempered glass, coated glass, heat-absorbing glass, stained glass and so on.
Production Process
The original piece of glass cut → Conference → Shop → dry cleaning glass film in between two glass → Roller Press preloading autoclave → hot → Products → Packaging warehousing inspection
Security features: laminated glass can resist penetration by external impact, reducing fragmentation, or the danger of falling glass, even if the broken glass, debris will stick together with the PVB film can avoid falling glass caused personal injury or property damage.
Noise characteristics: PVB film has a damping effect on acoustic, laminated glass used in building up effective control of voice communication, has played a good acoustic.
Security precautions characteristics: laminated glass on the personal and property play a protective role, the standard "two folders one" glass can withstand the impact of general objects penetrate, using PVB glass interlayer film specially designed to resist bullets, bombs and the impact of violence.
Control of sunlight and ultraviolet characteristics: laminated glass can effectively weaken the transmission sunlight to prevent glare and avoid color distortion, so that buildings with good aesthetic effect. Laminated glass have the function of blocking ultraviolet rays to protect furniture, displays or merchandise from ultraviolet radiation and the occurrence of leg color.
Because of laminated glass with high intensity and the fight against the use of security, and thus are applicable to vehicle windscreen before and after the building doors, windows, ceilings, floors and walls; kindergartens, schools, recreation centers, private homes, villas, hospitals, etc. save valuables and glass architecture of the building easily broken doors, windows and so on.

Villa                                                        Of laminated glass bending steel

 Hospital                                                                  Industrial plants


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