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Bullet-proof glass
Bullet-proof glass is a bullet-proof the role of a special laminated glass, can withstand bullets fired artillery shells and even without being penetrated, to maximize the protection of personal safety.
Bullet-proof glass structure
Bullet-proof glass is usually multi-chip glass and plastic film laminated together, typically include three-tier structure:
Shock layer: also known as load-bearing layer, the thickness of generally large, high strength glass, because of its hardness, high strength, can destroy warheads or change the shape of warheads to lose to move forward.
Interlayer: general organic bonding material, bonding requirements and strong, good lightfastness, has scalability and flexibility, can absorb some impact energy and change the body's way forward.
Security protective layer: the general use of high-strength glass or transparent high-strength organic materials require high strength, good toughness, absorbing about most of the impact energy to ensure that body should not penetrate the layer.
Banks, post offices, jewelry stores, museums, and important sectors of the glass doors and windows.

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