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Insulating glass
Two flat glass box separated by intervals, between the formation of cavity surrounded by good sealing adhesive to glass and aluminum alloy frame or rubber or glass bonding be sealed and filled the dry air, and fill a certain amount of molecular sieve as a desiccant, it constitutes a double-insulating glass.
Production Process
Glass cutting washing → drying → Borders ----------------- → add → Tu Lamination sealant dry air → inbound → test
Border Processing → Fill → desiccant coating Border - ↑
Product Performance
Insulation performance: hollow glass heat transfer coefficient than ordinary plate glass with low coefficient of heat transfer, and therefore make use of insulating glass building glass can save substantial air-conditioning energy consumption,
Anti-condensation properties: insulating glass glass than ordinary single-layer thermal resistance is much greater, so can greatly reduce the temperature of condensation, and insulating glass sealed space by the desiccant to absorb moisture and will not appear in the compartment dew.
Noise performance: the noise performance of insulating glass and glass thickness and air compartment, and under normal circumstances can reduce the noise 30-40Db, noise is better than monolithic glass has significantly improved.
Because of insulating glass with good insulation, sound insulation, anti-condensation, anti-cold radiation, construction convenient, has been widely used in industrial and civil construction of doors, windows, curtain walls, skylights and translucent roof and other areas, has significant energy-saving effect.

Product specifications
Maximum glass size 2500mm * 3000mm minimum glass size of 500mm * 400mm
Aluminum frame width of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, glass 3mm to 19mm thickness various combinations of

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