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Glass bending glass is heated to its softening temperature, and then rely on the role of self-respect or outside its curved shape in the mold, made of curved glass annealing.

    Bending glass with a strong decorative, applied to walls, sightseeing elevator, sightseeing windows, counters and so on.

    Production capacity of our company is complete, in addition to bending the production of white glass, green glass bending, bending coating, but also in combination with other product mix into a hollow bending, bending of laminated glass, such as composite products for building or adding interior gorgeous, safe, trendy feel.

Maximum size: 2500mm * 4500mm
Minimum size: 500mm * 500mm
Minimum bend radius: 500mm
Glass thickness 4-19mm


                           Automotive Glass

Building walls              Home decoration

Sightseeing elevator

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